This is a Traditional Welcome Post ♡

I tried so hard to indent but they [WordPress] did not give me that option. I pressed the space bar approximately ten times in a row. Still very little success. BUT HELLO, this is a blog of some sort. I needed a place to drop off all of my works. My lovely works of literature … Continue reading This is a Traditional Welcome Post ♡

Anything Other Than

I don’t know what exactly what methinks But I hope he isn't thinking Anything other than Anything other than What I'm thinking. He wants to see me .I will let him.He is on his way.But I hope he isn't thinking Anything Other than Anything other than What I'm thinking.  I didn’t think the situation was that serious.I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings.I am feeling weird about it all.But I am thinking about The hope that I haveThat things will … Continue reading Anything Other Than