This is a Traditional Welcome Post ♡

I tried so hard to indent but they [WordPress] did not give me that option. I pressed the space bar approximately ten times in a row. Still very little success. BUT HELLO, this is a blog of some sort. I needed a place to drop off all of my works. My lovely works of literature … Continue reading This is a Traditional Welcome Post ♡


Some Shakespearean Love

I'm not heartless. Just use my heart less. Nevertheless, I'm in love with your sense of humor. Love a lad that can make me laugh. Ha. In love with your aggressive gaze. Get mad. La. Prithee, you, take heed to my predilections. Quite dangerous but not for real for real.

Anything Other Than

I don’t know what exactly what methinks But I hope he isn't thinking Anything other than Anything other than What I'm thinking. He wants to see me .I will let him.He is on his way.But I hope he isn't thinking Anything Other than Anything other than What I'm thinking.  I didn’t think the situation was that serious.I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings.I am feeling weird about it all.But I am thinking about The hope that I haveThat things will … Continue reading Anything Other Than